Stacking Games!

  • Red Star Fall

    Red Star Fall

    Don’t let the red star fall! Put it on the platform as fast as you can to prove your skills in this fun physics game.

  • Truck Loader 2

    Truck Loader 2

    Load the boxes into the truck in a certain order to complete each level. Be careful with the delicate boxes or they will smash to pieces!

  • Super Stacker 2

    Super Stacker 2

    Stack the shapes into some awkward constructions against the clock and watch them as they struggle to stay up. Hold it steady for 3 seconds to complete each of 40 new levels.

  • Addictive Balance

    Addictive Balance

    Test your stacking and balancing skills with this timed physics game!

    Stack all of the given shapes so that they remain on the screen until the timer expires.

  • Cuber


    Use all your skill to stop the smiley ball from escaping the screen! Use all the tools available but be careful to stick within your budget.

  • Gravity Stacker

    Gravity Stacker

    This is the ultimate stacking game and really needs your best balancing techniques!

    Test your stacking skills against 8 different directions of gravity.

  • Ship Loader

    Ship Loader

    Use your magnetic crane in this fun physics puzzle game to load the containers into the ship. Load them carefully though, their different weights puts them off balance easily!

  • Magnet Crane

    Magnet Crane

    Use your magnetic crane to lift the metal blocks and then drop them to build tall structures. Stack them high and make your structure reach the target height for each level.

  • 99 Bricks

    99 Bricks

    Use all of your stacking skills to get your 99 shaped bricks as high as possible in this tetris-like physics game of balance.

  • Stackle


    This Jenga-inspired online physics game is a real test of your balancing skills. Remove shapes from the tower and stack them on top without collapsing everything!

  • Cover Orange

    Cover Orange

    Stack objects on the screen to protect your orange balls. Shield them from the spikes that fall from the passing evil cloud.

  • Blocakge


    This is an ultimate game of logic incorporating classic stacking techniques. Place all of the coloured squares in the right place, but careful not to block your own path!

  • Jelly Towers

    Jelly Towers

    Move and stack jelly shapes to build towers of jelly. Quick, the jelly monster is getting hungry!

  • Ragdoll Balance 2

    Ragdoll Balance 2

    Drag the shapes on screen and use all your balancing power to make the ragdoll touch the chip for at least 5 continuous seconds. Careful your shapes don’t fall!

  • Imperfect Balance 2

    Imperfect Balance 2

    Try to topple all the coloured shapes so that they fall off the screen in 45 levels of this addictive anti-stacking game!

  • Perfect Balance 3

    Perfect Balance 3

    This is the ultimate stacking game and really needs your best balance techniques! Balance all the shapes on the existing shapes on screen without any of them falling off screen.

  • Expand It

    Expand It

    Expand the blue shapes in the correct order to make one of them stay above the rope. Increase their size through a total of 30 levels!

  • Feed the King

    Feed the King

    With 3 different game play modes, this classic stacking game is sure to keep you addicted. Stack the cakes as high as you can and then control the king as he is catapulted high to eat as many of the sweet treats as possible!

More Physics Games...

  • Pipe Pang

    Pipe Pang

    This is a network logic puzzle game, plumber style! Connect the pipes and run the water to feed the thirsty dog below!

  • Bridge Craft

    Bridge Craft

    Patience is key as you build bridges to save your little friends.

    Construct bridges with wood, steel and rope so that the creatures can reach the flag in each level.

  • Angry Birds Online

    Angry Birds Online

    Launch these angry birds with the slingshot to shoot down the fortresses and crush the evil green pigs in this flash version of the popular physics demolition game.

  • Let the bullets Fly 2

    Let the bullets Fly 2

    Cause mass destruction wild west style in this fun shooter game loaded with 40 levels!

    Shoot all the bandits in each level with your limited ammo.

    Bounce bullets to take out multiple enemies at once or hit objects around the level to cause a chain reaction of death.

  • Slow Blow Kings

    Slow Blow Kings

    Place a limited number of bombs on the stage to blast the kings off the screen. Slow time if necessary.

    Drop bombs on every island and kill the enemy. Try not to waste the ammo and collect the bonus points for various upgrades and better score.

  • Huje Tower 2

    Huje Tower 2

    Use the sticky bacteria colonies to build structures like bridges and towers. You must guide them upwards and remain over the threshold for 5 seconds without falling down!